Retail Trade Area Analysis Using the Huff Model

September 6, 2013 – 10:13

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The concept of a retail trade area has been used by analysts and practitioners in retail site evaluation and other market studies for a very long time.In fact, retail trade area analysis and site evaluation are complementary procedures.Retail trade area analysis focuses on locating and describing the target market.The intent of this article is to raise the awareness of the Huff model within the GIS community.


It is much easier to analyze trade areas and produce market profiles using GIS. The majority of GIS software includes functionality for extracting and aggregating data at various levels of geography. As a result, trade area analysis became one of the most popular areas of GIS applications in analyzing business problems. The most common definition of a retail trade area is used for the purpose of this article. According to this definition, a retail trade area is “that area, typically around the store, from which the store derives most of its patronage” (Lea 1998b, p.140).

Retail trade area analysis was a very popular theme during the time Business Geographics magazine was published (1993-2001). A couple dozen articles were written on this subject by researchers and GIS consultants specializing in the retail sector. A variety of techniques on how to delimit and analyze trade areas were discussed, along with their advantages and disadvantages. These techniques range from simple ones, such as an application of rings, to more sophisticated, such as utilizing probabilistic trade area surfaces (Gross 1997, Hooper 1997, Lea 1998a, Peterson 1997, Simmons 1998).

All techniques represent either the spatial monopoly or market penetration approaches to analyzing trade areas (Jones, Simmons 1993). The concentric rings method, drive time/distance polygons or Thiessen (Voronoi) polygons are examples of this type of approach. These methods are easy to conceptualize and use. However, they assume that a store has a monopoly over the area – that all households in the trade area relate to the store and no households outside the trade area visit the store. Once the trade area is delimited geographically as a ring, Thiessen or other type of polygon, it is easy to prepare a market profile by extracting and aggregating data using GIS software. Although the methods representing the spatial monopoly approach are commonly used, they involve a lot of simplification because they do not account for the existence of competing stores. Therefore, they should be utilized only if no better alternatives exist (Lea 1998c).


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