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Role of FDI in Multi-brand Retail Trade in India and its Implications

May 10, 2023 – 11:56 am

An Indian trader worships an iPad and other electronic gadgets


The Indian food supply chains are changing fast due to many policy and practice changes. There has been presence of domestic food supermarkets in the sector for many years now and their performance varies across states and chains. But, for the past few years, there has been plenty of debate and discussion about the potential role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail, including food. This article tries to understand the role of FDI in multi-brand retail in improving the efficiency of food supply chains in India and its implications for various stakeholders in the chain. It uses empirical evidence from the experience of Indian domestic retail supermarkets and wholesale cash ‘n’ carry supermarkets and from other developing countries to examine the role FDI can play. The article also examines various mechanisms which could be used to leverage the presence of FDI in supermarkets and explores the role of policy and regulation to promote the small farmer and the traditional retail interests in such chains. It examines the role and implications of FDI supermarkets for food inflation, farmer income enhancement and employment generation.

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Mike Davis on British increasing famine in India

As the old-hands at Fort St. George undoubtedly realized, the semi-arid interior of India was primed for disaster. The worsening depression in world trade had been spreading misery and igniting discontent throughout cotton-exporting districts of the Deccan, where in any case forest enclosures and the displacement of gram by cotton had greatly reduced local food security. The traditional system of household and village grain reserves regulated by complex networks of patrimonial obligation had been largely supplanted since the Mutiny by merchant inventories and the cash nexus. Although rice and wheat production in the rest of India (which now included bonanzas of coarse rice from the recently conquered Irrawaddy delta) had been above average for the past three years, much of the surplus...

STATISTICAL OFFICE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA : Turnover in retail ..  — 4-traders
In July 2013 the volume turnover in retail trade decreased by 3.4% over the previous month. In retail trade except automotive fuel the volume turnover decreased by 3.1%.

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